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(About me)

Ada Grüebler –Tribò

Ada Grüebler – Tribò, born February 7, 1942 in Zurich

Lives and works in Lugano and Küsnacht, Zurich 

Art studies:

1978 Visits regularly Modern Arte lectures by Dr. Willy Rotzler at the University of Zurich and at the Kunsthaus Zurich


1980 - 85 Takes courses in drawing, watercolour- and oil painting with Walter Krebser, Freies Gymnasium Zurich From


1994 Organisation and participation for abstract art - summer workshops in southern Switzerland, Ireland and Tuscany with tutors: Joes Allen and Christine Henn, European Art Academy in Trier, Germany Benno K. Zehnder, Kunstschule Luzern, Switzerland Barbara Bellin, Migros klubschule Zurich Sebastian Burckhardt, Zurich

Her paintings are based on acrylics. On the canvasses (80x120 cm)which she combines to larger dimension which reach 160x240 cm she often uses mixed media like ashes sand or plaster.

The non-figurative works summon the memory of shapes signs and lines. Themes are e.g. the colors of Africa, light and shadows in Tuscany or impressive rocks on the island of Cavallo. Memories of her travel itinerary.

Working on sculpture with various materials inspired her paintings. She works with the foundry Perseo in Mendrisio, Switzerland where she realizes bronzes. In 2014 she joined Sculpture Network as a member.

“The canvass is the platform where I meet with the impressions set in my memory, which I like to visualize and communicate”.  

Recent Tutors:

From 2001 Carlo Pizzichini, Professor, Accademia statale di Firenze, Italy


From 2008 Gianmarco Torriani, Gogarte Foundry, Modelling and Sculptures


From 2009 Gerhard Almbauer, Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall, Germany.

2015-2016 Akademie der Bildenden Künste - Zhou Brothers.

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